As you hear on TV in the NCAA ads, most athletes will go pro in something other than sports. That’s why it is so important to get into the right college. And with the competition heating up in the admissions offices of the majority of colleges, you will need every advantage to get in.

In the working world, business owners want to hire athletes because they have discipline, drive and a competitive spirit. The same holds true for colleges. Athletes have an advantage. But athletes often make a big mistake by betting their whole college entrance on a scholarship. If it comes, great gamble paid off, but talk to the student that wasn’t so lucky.By the time you wait to find out if you can qualify for a scholarship, its generally too late to make any other choices.

Don’t make that mistake.
St. Charles Prep along with RightFit Sports, will be your trusted advisor to teach you the process and give you the tools to plan your college career. RightFit is the only organizational tool dedicated to educating and organizing the high school athlete in order to gain maximum exposure and opportunities to find the right college the first time. Get the advantage over other students in your situation. By knowing the rules and having the tools, you increase your chances for scholarship or grant money and getting into the right college.

How it works
We prefer that you register as a freshman so that you have time to react to our advice and the advice from our team of experts. But we can put juniors and seniors on the fastrack version.Once you start your locker, you will receive in your email, a series of tutorials that will take you step by step through the process including when to register for the NCAA eligibility center. You will also be told when and how to build your player profile and how to gather the important data that a college wants to see. This is not a community where you will simply post photos of yourself, this is your trusted advisor to get you in front of the right college at the right time.



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