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 How This Works 

Right Fit Sports has compiled a comprehensive listing of college information to make finding the Right Fit for your social, academic and athletic aspirations as easy as possible. You can research colleges by the things that matter most to you... location, size, cost of attendance, degrees offered, NCAA sports affiliation, sports offered and much more.

Our goal in creating the database was to give you the ability to search for a school and quickly identify schools that you may be interested in attending. We give you direct links to the school's main homepage and athletic homepage. In the main page of the school's website you can locate admissions addresses and phone numbers, staff and faculty information and information on the academic programs offered. In the athletic area you can find the college coaches contact information (generally under the staff directory on the site) and using our system quickly send them information about you.

When you find schools matching your criteria you can then enter them into your personal 'locker' area for future reference. We also allow you to organize the schools in order of preference, which can change as you learn more about the schools on your list.

Important note: Fill out as much information as you can about the schools in your locker area. This will make the process of communicating with the college coaches much easier later in our program. Go to the school's athletic website link on our site and then locate the staff directory and recruiting coordinators email address and phone numbers (most often the college coaches themselves) and enter it into the locker area for that school. When you communicate in our system under Step 5 you simply click on the email from your locker area and then click on the school and send a personal message to the coach. Communications will be a snap.

Quick Tip: Visit a few colleges in person to see what college life is like. It is never too early to do this and more importantly to get a better understanding of what the college expects of inbound student athletes. What are the academic requirements? SAT/ ACT scores? GPA ranges? Etc. This starts your FRESHMAN year in High School. DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOUR SENIOR YEAR TO LEARN THAT YOU ARE SHORT ON CREDITS OR GPA REQUIREMENTS.